Mindfulness Apps

Here are different apps we have acquired and work with that may be of use:

EFT Inspired Affirmations app. Started as a resource for our clients and contains our first affirmations course as part of the subscription.
Are you ready to unlock the ultimate mindfulness and inspiration tools?
Give Yourself Permission to be your best self.

Inner Harmony was created to help people fall asleep faster!
With this application, you can find many fantastic audio recordings to help your whole family meditate, relax and sleep better at night.


Discover a world of harmony with nature, restful sleep and magical dreams. The sounds of nature have an incredible effect. They are able to relieve stress, improve breathing, sleep, calm the nerves, relax the body and mind.

Studies have found that music may decrease the time it takes to fall asleep, improve sleep quality, and increase the proportion of deep sleep.
Available on android