Self-Affirmation & Reframing Techniques - Level 1

Self-Affirmation & Reframing Techniques - Level 1

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*Ideal for Managers, Coaches and Course Leaders

What is this workshop about?

The goal of this workshop is to provide those feeling stuck with simple tools for breaking through to the next phase of their journey. You will learn how to use Spoon's approach to Self-Affirmation and Reframing Techniques to address your fears, visualise where you want to be and identify the steps required to get there.

Submit your affirmations created on the day plus a 250 word reflection piece to receive a printable certificate signed by founder Elroy 'Spoonface' Powell.

 *Spoon is an IICT member (2208156380), CPD member (16402) and insured by Westminster and Towergate insurance.





DURATION - 2.5 hrs

Our Guarantee..

We trust in our process and will provide a full refund, for any reason, within 45 days of purchase.


This course is designed to effectively introduce you to Spoon's approach to Self-Affirmation and Reframing Techniques even if never experienced before.


1. How to scan and give yourself permission to acknowledge what you notice in your body.

2. How to connect an emotion to what you notice.

3. Safely identify your challenges and triggers.

4. Visualise the other side of your challenges and create affirmations relevant to your circumstances.

5. Create affirmations aligned with realistic goals.


Why are people joining?

- Struggling with anxiety -

- Feeling like an imposter -

- Trapped by a need for external validation -

- Issues with communicating boundaries -

- Heartache, breakups and relationship stress -


Who has been using this approach?

Business owners, project managers, coaches and those responsible for mindfulness programs within their organisations.



I think I will always use affirmations. Such a simple tool, but I can't imagine starting the day without one! - J. Smith

I feel I have learned so much about myself during the challenge, how strong I can be if I look after myself, when I channel the right thoughts into action. - L. Geraci

Thank you so much for including me on this challenge it has been an amazing experience and has helped me in so many ways. - P Mehmet 



- Interact directly with Elroy 'Spoonface' Powell in the private group

- Attend the main workshop session

- Engage in mindfulness activities

- Share your affirmations in the private group 

- Document what you notice

- Submit your affirmations and 250 word reflection piece at the end of the session (written, audio or video)

*Gain access to email support when feeling stuck (response within 24hrs)